Big update of distributed titles added to Out Of Season!

Posted on June 19th, 2017

We are pleased to bring you a big update of distributed titles to our webstore today.

Our latest releases by ARATH, SEQUESTERED KEEP, and FROSTVEIL, are still available, as well, but all are running very low stock!


BAŠMU "Black Sorcery From Within Arcane Caverns" (lim. 200)
CATACOMBS ENSHADOWED "Curse Of Dark Centuries" (lim. 100)
DUNGEONS OF IRITHYLL "A Journey Through the Dark" (lim. 66)
EINHORN "The Tyrant's Tower" (lim. 66)
ElixiR "Queen of the SIlver Stone"
FOREST WANDERER "Kalte Wälder der Sehnsucht"
GRAV "Für alle Kriege" (lim. 66)
Hedge Wizard "More True Than Time Thought"
Lyrcis "Songs From the Soil" (lim. 66)
Moloch (Ukr) "Einsamer Platz Zu Sterben"
Svafnirkult "Heathenism"(lim. 66)
TYRANNUS "Ruins" (lim. 66)
URUK-HAI "Enslaved in Evil Darkness" (lim. 30)

ANCIENT VOICE “The Phylosophy of...” (lim. 66)
BELETHOR "Return Of Lost Times" (lim. 66)
Ekthelion "Age of the Faceless Demon" (lim. 66)
GOBLINTROPP "Tunnels Under The Forest" (lim. 70)
MADIAR VALENTINE "Ave Carpathia" (lim. 66)

ARATH "Ungedul"
FROSTVEIL "Antediluvian Majesty"
MOLOCH "Verwustung" (Box Set)
SHARKU OGH "Magical Mantra From Some Grim Wizard"
SVAROGRAD "The Journey Goes On"
SVAROGRAD "Zima Ponad Krajem"
TOMHET "Of A Dying Star"
URUK-HAI "Darkness, Pt. 2"
WILDERNESSKING "Mystical Future" (Box Set)

New titles coming Tuesday 5/23/17

Posted on May 19th, 2017

Preview of our next 3 releases, out next Tuesday, may 23rd.
Arath "Ungedul" is packaged with a 2" silver/black hard enamel metal pin and DL code.
Sequestered Keep "Wandering Far" includes 3 bonus tracks and 1" button, & Frostveil "Antediluvian Majesty" comes with a 1" button, also.
Each pro-tape is limited to 100 only!

5 New Releases + Large webstore update

Posted on May 5th, 2017

5 New Releases Out Now on Out Of Season!
We are pleased to bring you five new releases and a large update to our distributed titles section, available now.

МИРА ДРЕВО "Следы на снегу"
Somewhere far away the old fir trees rustled in the gusts of the cold wind ... Their trunks creaked in the frosty air, weaving frosty branches covered with hoarfrost ... Among the vast heavenly expanse faraway stars emanated their dead stars from the immense ice ... So it was hundreds of years ago, so it is now ... Frozen beds of forest streams wrinkled hard snow, silver mysterious glimmers shimmered in the dark ...
1 song - over 32 minutes in length of wonderful Russian dark ambient.

ПОЛНОЧЬ ЗИМЫ "Богам Войны"
The snow-covered eternity covers the space from horizon to horizon. There, in the endless fields, the heroes sleeping until the end of time are covered in snow-white shrouds ... Their frosty hands are firmly clenched with frost-bitten swords and faces have been permanently reduced by violent masks. Where the trinity is ruled by a crow under the gray sky, the echoes of past wars are reflected from the old mountains by the forgotten sounds of battle horns, the last call calls for the fallen to the battle for the glory of the gods of war.

8 tracks of cold and gloomy natural dark-dark ambient with inclusions of underground sound from the project Midnight Winter from St. Petersburg, Russia.

ORUNDOOM "The Lost Fable"
We proudly present to you the third album of the Orundoom project. Mystical and proud medieval music in the best traditions of Mortiis sunset its ambient era. The pervasive atmosphere and unsolved mystery in every sound! Touch the magic and mysteries of unknown worlds together with Orundoom!

UTRED "Forest"
"Utred is a Russian artist who leans more towards the light and magical side of the genre. Unlike contemporaries, Utred has a more somber and hypnotic melodies bootstrapped to the music. Forest is the second release this year and seems to be dedicated to the long lost word of medieval Europe, Eurasia, and lands that no longer exist."

A:S: "Necroveneto"
BLOOD TYRANT "Aristocracy Of Twilight"
BLOOD TYRANT / WARDEN "Duvonde Skerfe"
CAORANACH "Drùidheachd de a' Each-uisge"
DARGUUN "The Mourning Shadows of a Dark Age"
EDORAS "The Tree Shepherds"
EDORAS "Lands of Shadows"
GWYLLGI "Demo I: Fields of Sorrow"
GWYLLGI "Demo II: Skies of Ruin"
KLADOVEST "Ignitiate"
OLD TOWER "The Rise of the Specter"
SACRED DOMINIONS "Sacred Dominions"
SKARPSEIAN "Fragmenter Av Trolldom" (4 copies from the crypts!)

All items available now!