FROSTVEIL "Antediluvian Majesty" OoS Releases

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Update 11/16/17 - found a few leftover copies from a cancelled trade.
Update 11/20/17 - now totally sold out.
This is the stunning dungeon synth debut from Australian black metal outfit FROSTVEIL.
A perfect mixture of both a fresh and original entry into the genre while staying true to the 'old ways' in medieval and majestic spirit. Without a doubt it will be very hard to top this 5 track release as debut of the year in 2017...


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Pressing Information

Limited to 100 copies.
Professionally duplicated and imprinted tape, with pro-printed full color double-sided 4-panel j-card.
Each copy comes packaged with a full color 1" Frostveil button and is shrinkwrapped.