FOGLORD "Celestial" oos46

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Light and etheral dungeon synth music from the US, this album was originally released digitally in 2015. The basis of this album is that of the soul living on after it passes out of the physical body and into the spirit world. It also stands as a representation of the everlasting connection between all things.

"Foglord is arguably the most underrated artist in the dungeon synth scene. The music is always of amazing quality, and is extraordinarily beautiful and subtle. Perfect for Saturday night D&D session, in which you traverse mystical peaks of mountains old under a starry night sky..." - Wulf
"This album is full of magic and dreams." - RaevJager


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Pressing Information

Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies on spirit purple tapes.
Professionally duplicated and imprinted tape with glossy pro printed full color 4-panel cover.
All copies ordered directly from OOS come with a 1" Foglord button!