ERANG "Another World, Another Time" OoS Releases

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" sum this album up in one word: beautiful ... The whole tone and melody of the album makes it so atmospheric and epic - giving me a feeling as if I am actually in Another World Another Time. The album art alone speaks a story of greatness and fantasy." - jamietheknight

"Brilliant new-school dungeon synth, with imaginative and, at times, quite beautiful compositions." - Wulf

"Another fantastic job from Erang. I really dream listening this music. It's very hard for me to say what track is the best. Every track is different but all of them are magic." - Jose Luis Tarraga Albaladejo


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Pressing Information

Deluxe Edition pro-tape with 5 panel full color double sided insert, big logo patch and 1" button.
Limited to 100 copies. Packaged with bandcamp download code.

There is a limit of 1 copy per person for this title - this tape is intended for fans, not Discogs flippers.