GALDUR "Age of Legends" oos58


"Severoth's latest effort with Galdur's Age of Legends exceeds all expectations having refined the project's sound into something much more expansive than Summoning. The formula of Age of Legend's excels with its atmosphere and is much darker and dirge-like compared to other epic acts and even without the need of vocals save for some LOTR samples that actually fit very well with the music. This album really envelops you, weaving it's spell long after the album has ended. Highly recommended!" - Asmodeus-Rex

"Brooding, slow, Summoning worship, but unique enough to stand out on it's on. Supreme Tolkien soundtrack." - Borat


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Pressing Information

Limited to 200 hand-numbered copies on various color shells (blue, clear, black and smoke)
Fold out double sided pro printed cover and tape labels.