THE EMBERS OF TARA "Realm Of Sleep" Distributed Titles

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As summer lays dead and the fiery hues of autumn fall to the ground to be covered by frost each morning the release of Realm Of Sleep shall soon come to mourn the seasons of warmth and plenty and usher in the frozen desolation of Winter.

"The whimsical dreamland I’ve discovered here is exactly what I’ve been looking for in a dungeon synth/dark ambient release for a long time. The Embers Of Tara cast a warm and welcoming shoegazed dungeon synth dream upon its listeners. It’s ethereal soundscapes are like a magical adventure into the subconscious of a mysterious wizard from a land beyond our own. This is a must have for underground music lovers and dungeon synth collectors alike." - Joshua Feetham


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Pressing Information

Grey Matter Productions. Limited to 50 hand-numbered copies.
Red tape in a clear norelco case.