BATTLE DAGORATH Deluxe Box Set Out Of Season Releases

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Combining Battle Dagorath's albums, "I - Dark Dragons of the Cosmos" & "II - Frozen Light of Eternal Darkness", Fólkvangr Records & Out of Season have teamed up to bring you a two and a half hour long journey into the black metal cosmos by this US based black metal act, featuring Vinterriket on keyboards/synths.

"Battle Dagorath are still pretty much a secret even for most people who do care about the underground. What you get here is a unique performance that lets this album stand out from all the rest, musically absolutely vicious, yet played with musical profession and carefully put together. The beauty of this record really comes to life now that the days are short and the nights are cold and dark. Maybe this is the best approach in 'atmospheric' BM I ever heard." - Wallow Within


Pressing Information

Box set, limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.
Each box set contains two pro-tapes in a standard clear norelco boxes with individual J-card inserts.
Both cassettes are then packaged in a jewelry style box and come with a screen printed band logo patch, a band logo sticker and download code for the digital version of the albums.