SEQUESTERED KEEP "The Vale Of Ruined Towers" OoS Releases

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Newest full length by this prolific medieval fantasy music artist.
"This is fantasy-music of the highest quality ... droning synths, chimes of bells, ringing trills of the myriad of strings ... And full of solemnity, grandeur and some kind of light melancholy melody that literally take the listener to the country of dreams and fantasies." - Harald Bjornson

Sequestered Keep logo by EinherjArt Design & Illustration:
The Vale of Ruined Towers album art by Silvana Massa:
Also available soon on CD via Dark Age Productions:

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Pressing Information

Limited to 150 copies total. Pro-Tape/Pro-Cover, shrinkwrapped copies.
Two versions available - use dropdown menu to select:
1 - Deluxe edition #/35 with full color 11x17" poster (ships folded), pro-tape, logo sticker and 1" button - $10
2 - Normal edition with pro-tape /115 + 1" button - $7