SHELOB "Near The Fangorn Forest" Coming Soon

This item is coming soon.

Dungeon Synth / Dark Ambient from France.

"A few years after its creation, Shelob grew tired of Mordor and particularly cave of her mother Araigne, the more days passed, the more the desire to leave called him. He heard about nature, about greenery, about plants in any kinds and especially about a race called Ents hiding in the forest of Fangorn and having never seen all this of his eyes, his motivation to leave was even bigger. Her mother gave him the capacity to be transformed into human being, obviously he took advantage of it for entrainer to fight with a sword found on the corpse of a half devoured human being. He also found a card of the earth of the environment, the armor and the intact green cape. It is enough for him to leave by chance without her monstrous mother notices it. Thus he left the cave and passed very near Minas Morgul what impressed him before to leave definitively Mordor and to live an exceptional adventure."

Pressing Information

Depressive Illusions Records. Import from Ukraine.
Tape limited to 66 copies with 2 sided pro-cover inlay.