CAORANACH "Dòigh Nàdair" OoS Releases


Caoranach released some of our favorite material during the 2nd wave 'dungeon synth' rebirth (~2010-2015) when no one aside from a diehard handful cared about this kind of music.
As a result, we felt it was essential to reissue these demos for a wider release. This tape collects the "Damh Geal" and "Drùidheachd de a' Each​-​uisge" demo tapes, originally released in 2013 and 2015, respectively.
All material was recently remixed and remastered for this collection. 14 tracks in all.

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Pressing Information

Professionally duplicated and printed tape, shrink-wrapped copies.
Limited to 100 copies on bronze shells with maroon ink print.
Comes with 1" button exclusive to this tape.