TAUR NU FUIN "1998-2004" OoS Releases

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The second in our reissue series coming this month, we are proud to present these collected works of the prolific Taur Nu Fuin from New Zealand, of all material recorded between the years 1998 and 2004 that were urging for wider release.
Includes the original 5 song "Ruler of the Forest" EP from 2001, 7 lost recordings from 1999-2004 (later released in 2017 as the "íonacht" CD), and as a bonus, the 12 song "Volund's Nightenland" demo tape from 1998. 24 tracks in all - over 73 minutes of music!

This work is "fascinating since it predates the new wave of dungeon synth and showcases the sound back in a primal entirely underground state. While the music is melodies and interesting, the rough production gives the music a rustic textures which sounds like dark ambient music locked away in a forest hideaway." - Kaptain Carbon

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Pressing Information

Professionally duplicated and printed tape, shrink-wrapped copies.
Limited to 100 copies on transparent green shells with gold ink print.
Comes with 1" logo button exclusive to this tape.