DIM "Compendium I & II" OoS Releases

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Finally available in the physical format, this tape collects two releases by one of the freshest entries into the medieval ambient genre in recent memory, DIM.
Features a 5-panel fold out reversible dual sided J-card which also contains the Story of DIM in full.

"An exquisite piece of music, whose purity is almost stunning. Like a river in the middle of a forest. Just beauty." - hejnovran

"Fantastic sound that keeps my attention the whole way through the album. Definitely recommend it to anyone that likes medieval ambient music." - Patricio De La Fuente Duran

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Pressing Information

5-panel reversible j-card with full layout from both Compendium I and II which tells the full tale of DIM.
Professionally duplicated and printed tape, shrink-wrapped copies.
Limited to 100 copies on white shells with maroon ink print.
Comes with 1" button exclusive to this tape.