ALGIZ DAWN / ASH NAZG "From the Isle of Mist" Distributed Titles


"Enigmatic Auckland producer Algiz Dawn has unveiled an otherworldly split collection of ambient and dungeon synth soundscapes titled From the Isle of Mist, created in collaboration with Indiana-based artist Ash Nazg. Medieval synths co-mingle with marching drums while eerie bell sounds draw listener deep into haunted realms on Ash Nazg's two tracks, while Algiz Dawn deploys chiming MIDI keys and evocative strings to conjure fantastical sonic environments dripping with ancient mystery." - Under the Radar

Pressing Information

Skaventhrone label. Import from New Zealand.
Reversible J Card with individual art for both artists Gold cassette with label stickers.

Will be available 9/4/18 at 1PM Eastern Standard Time.